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Stainless Steel Perforated Filter Basket - Perforated Metal Cylindrical Filter Tubes

Perforated stainless steel basket type filter element, also known as perforated cylindrical filter tubes. Two types according to the filter media: one is Perforated Metal Basket, the other is Perforated Basket filled with Woven Filter Wire Cloth Layer. The stainless steel basket filters are mainly used for the filtration of air, the medium cleaning and flow control of lubrication oil, hydraulic pressure and air pressure system.

Perforated Metal and Woven Wire Cloth Filter Basket

Filter Basket Strainers

Perforated Metal Filter Basket with Woven Wire Cloth Filter Layer

Filter basket is used for the filtration of air, the medium cleaning and flow control of lubrication oil, hydraulic pressure.

The stainless steel filter basket is made of woven wire cloth and perforated metal sheet.

One layer with woven wire cloth inside to control the filter rating and one layer of perforated metal outside as support sheet. The two layers are welded with the top and bottom. The perforated metal layers are processed from large opening oblong slotted stainless steel plates.


stainless steel Perforated Round Hole Sheet Welded Tube Processed basket filter element

Round Hole Perforated Steel Cylindrical Tube Lubrication Oil Filter
This type of filter element is made of pure perforated metal sheet cut and welded into cylindrical tube forms. The perforated sheet materials are popularly stainless steel sheet punched with round openings. Fixed to the bottom and top rims. With or without handles.

Perforated metal basket filter element features rigid structure and easy cleaning.

Application: Widely used in chemical industry, chemical fiber, food and beverage, medicine, papermaking, environmental protection, the manufacturing of machinery, electric power, electron, metallurgy, lubricating oil, involving the hydraulic oil, etc, water, coating, paint, filtering processing industries.

Main Features:
1. Simple structure and easy installation;
2. High porosity, good permeability, good flow velocity, easy cleaning;
3. High intensity, long service life, excellent corrosion resistance, wide temperature range of uses;
4. Economic cost;
5. Rigid structure with uniform opening.

Specifications of Perforated Filter Basket:

Item Model Nominal flow rate(L/min) Filter precision(mesh) Nominal pressure(MPa) Pressure loss (MPa) Size (mm) 
Initial Max D L
Basket Filter Element SZG-60 60 60 80 100 150 1.0 No more than 0.1 0.35 100 200
SZG-100 100 150 250
SZG-150 150 180 300
SZG-200 200 240 380
SZG-250 250 240 450
SZG-300 300 300 450