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SUS 304/304L/316/316L Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Pleated Filter Elements

Stainless Steel 314L Woven Wire Cloth Pleated Candle Filter Elements

Stainless steel pleated filter cartridges can be processed with Two Kinds of Filter Media options: Stainless Steel Micron Woven Wire Mesh Cloth or Sintered SS Fiber Web. Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Pleated Filter Elements mainly serve in filtration of high molecular polymer in the field of medicament, foodstuff, petroleum, chemical industry and electron; the filtration of the hydraulic oil and the disposal of water. The pleated multi-layer screen wire cloth filter layer offers extended filtration area and high dirt control capacities. Coarse woven wire mesh layers are pleated with the filter media layer together to form the pleating. Then welded together.

Pleated Filter Element for Polymer FiltrationStainless Pleated filter elements offer different properties according to options of the filter media. Filter media for Multi-layer Pleated Filter Elements are stainless steel sintered fiber web and stainless steel weaving screen wire cloth.

Stainless Steel Sintered Fiber Web / Felt is a kind of durable and pleatable 316L stainless steel medium, sintered into a graded pore structure. The sintered metal felt enjoys the advantages of high porosity rate, lower resistance, more filtration area, high dirt holding capacity and can be repeatedly used.

Stainless Steel Filter Wire Cloth is woven wire cloth made of stainless steel fine drawn wire. Fine woven micron mesh cloth usually works as control layer, while coarse woven mesh usually works as strengthening layer or support layer for the pleated filter elements.

Filter elements processed with stainless steel woven wire cloth as filter medium, have such advantages of good strength, fastness, easily cleanable, heat-resistance and economic cost.

Features of Stainless Steel Pleated Filter Elements in General:

High dirt holding capacity
High reliable standard specifications
Stainless steel pleated filter element has low pressure drop due to high porosity
Pleated filter element has accurate filtration rating
Easily cleanable by conventional chemical cleaning and with a long life-span
Filtration area of pleated stainless steel filter element is increased by pleating
Pleated filter elements can use ultrasonic, chymistry to clean, and can be repeatedly used; can also be bounce-back cleaned without dismantling on the product line, then saving the time
Stainless steel pleated filter elements have strong corrosion and acid and alkaline resisting property. Durable, reusable, save cost.

Structures and Layers of Pleated Candle Filter Elements:

1.Stainless steel material free from blur ensures a long life span.
2.Outside protection cylinder (made of perforated stainless steel plate) can protect the candle filter element from unexpected damage at installation.
3.Pleating waves increase the filtration area, enhance product lifespan and reduce operation cost.
4.Taper design at the end increases flow and avoid low flow area.
5.Quality imported sintered fiber web enjoy super filtration and repeated cleaning.
6.Internal hexagonal design to make the dismantle and loading of the elements easy, also avoid flow decreasing of the joint part.
7.The pressure resistance of stainless steel supporting inside core can reach 175bar.

Main Fittings and Components for Pleated Candle Filters:

Thread, flange, tie rod, cap, etc.
SS Pleated Filter Main Connector Connections:
1. Standard connector(220,222,226).
2. Snap coupling.
3. Thread connection.
4. Flange connection.
5. Rod connection.
6. Special customization.

General Technical Data:
1.Working pressure:30Mpa
2.Working temperature:300 degree celcuis
3.Dirt holding capacity:16.9~41mg/cm2

Material: Stainless steel 304,304L,316,316L

High Pressure Filter ElementsStainless steel filter cartridges with pleated extended filter area are used in the following scopes:

1. Environmental, chemical, food, pharmaceutical, petroleum, water treatment filtration industry;
2. Iron and steel melting, power generation, marine purification, drinking water treatment, air filter, oil filter and others.

Popular Specifications of Stainless Steel Sintered Web:

Model Filtration accuracy(μm)  Air-permeability(L/min •dm²) Bubble pressure point(pa)  Porosity   Dirt holding capacity(mg/cm²) Thickness(mm) 
 SSSW-5 47  6600  75 0.54 
 SSSW-7 63  5000  76  0.54 
SSSW-10  10  105  3700  77  0.54 
SSSW-15 15  140  2450  79  0.54 
SSSW-20  20  280  2000  80  13  0.54 
SSSW-25  25  360  1500  78  19  0.54 
SSSW-30  30  520  1230  79  34  0.54 
SSSW-40 40  670  960  79  34  0.54 
SSSW-60 60  1300  650  85  36  0.54 

Stainless Steel Woven Wire Mesh Cloth Pleated Filter Elements

Made of stainless steel fine woven wire cloth, square or rectangular opening.
The pleated layers are normally two or three layers of woven wire mesh, together with inside perforated metal tube support. The outside layer of perforated metal tube is optional.

Woven Wire Mesh Protection layer

Specification of Woven Wire Mesh Pleated Filter Cartridges with Layers Introduction:

Designed Filter Fineness (um) Wire Mesh Protection Layer(mesh) Fine Wire Cloth Control Layer(mesh) Neutral Laye(mesh) Strengthening Layer( coarse mesh) Strengthening Layer( coarse mesh) Layer Thickness(mm)

Air Permeability


Bubbling Pressure
1 200 400*3000 200 12*64 64*12 1.7mm 1.81 360-600
2 100 325*2500 100 12*65 64*13 1.7mm 2.35 300-590
5 100 200*1400 100 12*66 64*14 1.7mm 2.42 260-550
10 100 165*1400 100 12*67 64*15 1.7mm 3 220-500
15 100 165*1200 100 12*68 64*16 1.7mm 3.41 200-480
20 100 165*800 100 12*69 64*17 1.7mm 4.5 170-450
25 100 165*600 100 12*70 64*18 1.7mm 6.12 150-410
30 100 400 100 12*71 64*19 1.7mm 6.86 120-390
40 100 325 100 12*72 64*20 1.7mm 7.1 100-350
50 100 250 100 12*73 64*21 1.7mm 8.41  
75 100 200 100 12*74 64*22 1.7mm 8.7  
100 100 150 100 12*75 64*23 1.7mm 9.1  
150 50+100+50+30+30+100+50 2.0mm 25  
200 40+80+40+20+40+80+40 2.0mm 26  


S.S. Sintered Web Pleated Filters

S.S. Sintered Fiber Felt Pleated FiltersMulti-Layer Wire Cloth Filter

Material: sus304/304L/316/316L
Diameter: 35,60 mm etc.
Filtration Rating(micron): 3,5,7,10,15,20,25,30,40,60 u

Small resistance, low using differential pressure;
After folding shape, big filter area, carrying large amount;
High temperature resistance, corrosion resistance,suitable for high viscous liquid filtration;
Regeneration performance is good, can be repeated use.

Popular Specifications:

Highest working temperature 500 ℃ or less 
Filtration accuracy 2-200 Um 
Working temperature 0.1-30 mpa
Filter specifications 5 - 40 inches (according to customer's requirement) 
The rated flow 80-200 l/min
Work pressure 1.5-1.5 pa 
Filter area (m2)  0.01 - 0.20 
The interface form 222, 226, 215, M36, M28, m2-m24, M22, M20 thread interface, etc