Polymer Melt Filter Elements, Candle Filters, Filter Housing and Cartridges and Filter Fittings. Forms Including: Pleated Filter Elements, Pipe Filter Elements, Extruded Screen Packs, Filter Discs, Leafs, Baskets, Bags and etc. For filtering of air, gas, oil, grease, liquid and fuel.......

Filter Cartridge

Hengmao supplies the following filter cartridges: Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Filter Cartridge, Metal Porous Filters, PP Filter and Water Filter Cartridges.

1. Stainless Steel Cartridge Filter Elements

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Pleated Cartridge Strainer Filter

Filter materials: Fine mesh cloth.
Fitration accuracy: from 1, 3, 6, 12, 25…… μm Filtration ratio: X≥100
Strength / pressure drop: 1.0Mpa, 2.0Mpa, 16.0Mpa, 21.0Mpa

•Excellent mechanical strength
•Easily backflushed
•High flow rate

•High temperature filter
•High differential pressure filtration
•High viscosity
•Corrosive fluid

•Max differential pressure:up to customer demand
•Max operating temperature: 500°C
•Media: 304SS and 316SS

2. Sintered Metal Porous Filter Cartridge

Rigid Pipe Sintered Metal Filter Cartridge

Item Name

Stainless Steel Powder Sintering Material for Filter







Filtration precision


Filtration Efficiency

98% filtration accuracy under:0.1 - 80 μm

Compressive Strength



Tubular, Plate, Bar, Disc, Strip and so on.





Less than 250

Work environment

Nitric acid, sulfuric acid, acetic acid, oxalic acid,etc.

Filtration Class Filter Rating(mm) The Max Diameter Of Hole(μm) Permeability(m3/h.m2.kpa) Pressure-resistance(Mpa) Temperature-resistance(℃)
Volume Tube Welding Seamless Tube
S1 65 160 1300 3 600
S2 40 100 800 0.3 3 600
S3 28 60 350 0.3 3 600
S4 10 30 160 0.3 3 600
S5 5 15 40 0.3 3 600
S6 2.5 10 10 3 600
S7 1.5 6 5 3 600
S8 0.5 4 3 3 600

Polyester or PP Filter Cartridge

Water Filter CartridgeSpecifications:

1.PP sediment filter cartridge
2.String wound filter cartridge
3.PP pleated filter cartridge
4.Activated carbon filter cartridge
5.Granual activated carbon filter cartridge
6.Post active carbon filter cartridge
7.Resin filter cartridge
8.Ceramic filter cartridge
9.Ultra filter cartridge
10.RO membrane
11.KDF filter cartridge
12. Minerals filter cartridge

Function: Remove the particles, dust,chlorine,taste ,odor and bacteria.

We are a China top manufacturer for all kinds of Water Filter Cartridges: activated carbon UDF/GAC,CTO Filter; PP Melt Blown,String Wound,Pleated Filter; In-line Filter; Refrigerator Filter; Ceramic Filter; Resin Filter; UF Hollow Fiber Filter, Stainless Steel Filter. We are producing and selling 150000-500000 pieces for each type per month.

We also provide original DOW Membrane which we import directly.

Alkaline Water Filter Cartridge

The 4 in 1 Mineral filter has a balanced proportion of vital minerals necessary for human health and proper maintenance and development of the human body.

This mineral filter was designed by top specialists at the military academy in Taiwan.

The beneficial effects of Far Infrared Rays on the human body.

1. Encourages a healthy immune system while providing protection against harmful viruses and bacteria.
2. Adjusts oxygen levels in the human body.
3. Increases the circulatory systems ability to operate efficiently.
4. Aids in the elimination of waste from the body.
5. Adjusts and decreases acidic levels in the body.
6. Promotes a healthy nervous system, provides relief from insomnia, depression, fatigue.