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Wire Mesh Extruder Screen Packs for Polymer Melt Filters

Melt Filter Discs

Hengmao circular extruder screen comes with smooth screening surface with no sharp edges, burrs or acute angles. The mesh screen offers high durability, precise filtration, stable under tension and are uniformly cut and framed. For plastic extrusion and polymer melt filtration for making fiber, film, and resin products.

Extruder screens provide a clean and clear extrusion for the melt filtration and plastic extrusion processing machinery. This pack screen filter is designed to keep away mixing of foreign particles in finally equipped extrusion product. Also called polymer filter or melt filter screen. Extruder Screen Mesh packs are mainly made from high quality SS 316, SS304L meshes ranging from 4 mesh to 500 mesh up to 5 microns, and used for Plastic and Rubber Industry. Their edges styles cover spot welded edges and aluminum framing around the spot welded edges.

Major types:
Extruder screen filter disc, circular screen, Multilayer extruder screen packs. Spot welded and with or without aluminum frame Layer: single layer or multilayer.

Edge: Aluminum framed or non-framed.

Plastic Extruder Filter Screen Packs

Shape: circle, disc, square, oval, rectangular, kidney, cones and other special shape

Material of the filter screen/ filter mesh:  SUS304(AISI304), SUS316(AISI316), SUS316L(AISI316L), NO.201, NO.304, NO.316 stainless steel, also nickel alloy, Hastelloy alloy, Monel and Inconel.

Extruder screen packs materials are mainly standard steel, stainless steel and nickel alloys. stainless steel screen packs are much more resistant to rust than others. While packs from nickel alloy can be used in corrosive processing environment (such as from sulfuric acid, hydroflouric acid, and salt water). When choose screen packs, the working environment must be taken into consideration. Stainless Steel Extruder Screens are widely applied on  PC, PP, PE, PS, HIPS, PET, PVC and other plastic sheet extruder, the membrane machine, granulator, and nonwoven fabrics, color masterbatch, filler, leather chemical fiber extruder, etc.

Benifits of our filter screen packs: High filtration finness/precision; High intensity; Easy to clean; Easy to replace; High temperature resistant; Corrosive resistant.

Typical Type: Multilayer Wire Mesh Extruder Screen Packs

The screen packs made from several screens of different mesh sizes by welded them together. In the different mesh size screens, the finest wire screen is in the center of the pack, and the larger mesh opening screen is successively placed outer sides. The multi-layer extruder screens are arranged in a symmetrical fashion, which prevents the screen pack from accidentally being installed backwards. The multi-layer mesh screen packs are suitable for extrusion processing of plastics, polymers and fibers.

Regarding multi-layer mesh discs, the number and arrangement of welding spots can be produced according to your specific requirements. We can produce multi-layer mesh discs with welds. For example: plain steel wire mesh and stainless steel wire mesh can be welded together. Multi-layer extruder wire mesh screen filter packs are the different wire meshes cut to desired shapes and sizes, and then assembled properly and spot welded with each other to form multilayer packs.

Multi-layer extruder screen filter packs are extra strong, sturdy and convenient for problem free processing;
Can be assembled in proper sequence to eliminate operator error;
The screen pack even prevents any foreign particles in the molten mass from going through the extrusion process;
This type of extruder screen is suitable for fine extrusion, and it makes extrusion more clean and clear.

Multi-layer extruder wire mesh screen filter packs
Layers :2 , 3 ,4, 5 layers, or other more layers.
Material: Stainless steel(ss302, ss304, ss316, ss316L) woven wire cloth, copper wire cloth, galvanized wire mesh, aluminum alloy, and nickel alloys.
Shapes: round, oval, rectangle, elliptical shape
Packs Diameter 20mm - 900mm
Frame style: with and without frame and spot welding

Typical Type: Disc Type Wire Mesh Filter Screen / Circular Screen

Steel Mesh Extruder Screen Material of filter: SUS 301, 302, 304, 304L, 316, 316L stainless steel wire mesh, brass wire mesh, plain steel wire mesh galvanized wire mesh etc.
Diameter of wire mesh discs: from 2--30".

Features: Neat and precise, without bug; Regulate and precise mesh; Reliable filtering precision; High compressive strength; Hot-resistance and rust-resistance; Wear-resistance; Good moulding.

Application: It is widely used in filtering of gas and liquid, separating of oter medium, precise stress filter, fuel filter, vacuum filter, etc. it is widely used in the field of petroleum, chemical industry, chemical fiber, rubber, metallurgy, medicine and food. It also has different sizes and bears the advantages of acid-resistance, alkali-resistcance, hot-resistance, high tensile strength, wear-resistcance, etc.

Typical Type: 301 Stainless steel Extruder screens Polymer Melt filter

Material: Stianless steel Wire Mesh (SS 201,202,304,304L, 316,316L, 321, 430 etc)
Wire diameter: 0.028~0.711mm
Mesh: 10~400Mesh
Shape: round and disc. Usage: Filters, chemical industry, mine industry, paper-making,etc.

Hengmao circular filter screen comes with smooth screening surface with no sharp edges, burrs or acute angles, high durability, stable under tension and are uniformly cut by specifically developed power press, to avoid uneven edge. We assure to provide, circular screens which are customized resulting in absolute no wastage.

Filter Media: Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Weave Type

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Weave Type

Standard Extruder Screen Filter Media Specification
SS Mesh
Wire Dia. mm
Aperture Size mm
Open Area
10 X 10
1.829 MM
14 X 14
1.357 MM
16 X 16
1.131 MM
20 X 20
0.813 MM
24 X 24
0.682 MM
30 X 30
0.531 MM
30 X 30
0.536 MM
40 X 40
0.361 MM
50 X 50
0.335 MM
60 X 60
0.230 MM
80 X 80
0.196 MM
100 X 100
0.152 MM
120 X 120
0.120 MM
150 X 150
0.088 MM
200 X 200
0.077 MM
300 X 300
0.045 MM
325 X 325
0.043 MM
400 X 400
0.036 MM