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Fluid Filter Elements

Fluid filter elements are used for air, oil and liquid filtration: petroleum oils, water, oil / water emulsions, water base fluids and gas fluid. Hengmao supplies stainless steel filter element products and metal felt filter element products for fluid power use. Either style can be cleaned for repeated use to extend filter element life and reduce disposal costs. According to the application, fluid filters can be divided into air filter cartridge , oil filter and liquid (hydraulic) filter.

Oil Fluid Steel Filter CartridgeCylindrical Fluid Control Filters for Petroleum Oils, Water Base Fluids and Synthetic Fluids

Temperature Range -4°F~212°F
Seals: nitrile seals, fluorocarbon seals for corrosive fluids.
Collapse pressure rating 21bar-210bar (Hydraulic Liquid Filtration)
Filtering precision 3, 5, 10,20 and 50 micron.
Filter Medium: Glass fiber, filter paper, stainless steel sinter fiber and stainless wire mesh
Fluid Compatibility: Compatible with all petroleum oils,water glycols, oil/water emulsions, high water base fluids, and synthetic fluids compatible with Fluoro Rubber or EPR seals.

1. Imported filter material, tapered pore structure, gradient filter, can intercept granule furthest, to extend the service life.
2. Choice filter support materials are used. They can not only play the role of support filter, material and avoiding compressive deformation, but also protect the materials from being damaged during processing.
3. Special spiral wrapping belts,so thar filter layers can be connected firmly. Stationary pleated distance ensures the uniform flow when fluid penetrating the filter layer. Not only improving pressure drop, but also extending service life.
4. Good temperature resistance and anti-humidity performance.
5. Economical, Environmental, Practical,and Easy to install.
6. Most fluid filter elements can be easily cleaned and re-used.

Fluid Filter Cartridge for Air Control System / Air Fluid or Gas Filter

Fluid Filter for Air Intaking

This air filter cartridge can be used in all kinds of air compressed station, esspecially in centrifugal, screw, vane air compressor.

Industries Served:

1: Cenment

2: Mentallurgy

3: Power Station

4: Food/ Pharmaceutical

5: Aluminum Factory

Air fluid filter cartridge adopts quality fiber as filter material offering large filtering area, small hole diameter, high efficiency filtration. The cover and frame materials are normally galvanized steel plate with good anti-corrosion and anti-rusty performance.

The material of air filter cartridge:

1. Base media: Polyester 20% Cellulose 80%
2. Operating efficiency: 99.9% on 1 micron
3. Washable: Several times
4. Maximum operating temperature: 200oF/93oC
5. Abrasion resistance: Excellent
6. Chemical tolerance: Excellent
7. Optional flame retardant media(FR): To order

Low Fluid Resistant Valve Filter Elements

Low Fluid Resistant Valve Filter ElementsAdvantage: High Filtering Micron, Stable Pore Opening, Low Fluid Resistant, Long Working Time, High Strength.

Valve Filter Elements can be used to replace Bronze Powder Sintered Filter Elements:
(I)Perforated Plate Filter with mesh
(II) Valve Filter Elements are mainly and widely used in aircraft, hydraulic equipments, fine machine and self-control systems.