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Polymer Candle Filter Elements

Candle Filter Elements are groups of metal pleated filter elements fixed with candle holders to work as an candle-like filtration unit. Porous metal filters for high-temperature, high pressure polymer processing applications. Designed to remove the impurities ( such as titanium dioxide, gels and other solid residues ) of the polymer melt in chemical fiber, textile and plastics industries. Suitable for monomer, pre-polymer or polymer filter systems.

Woven Metal Screen Pleated Candle Elements

Quality Control:
1. Every polymer filter element provided by Hengmao is bubble-point and air flow tested prior to shipment to ensure product integrity and performance. Test certificate is offered with each lot of shipment.
2. All polymer melt filter elements are laser marked for identification and easy tracing at bottom of end fittings. According to this, we can provide reliable after sales service.
3. Candle elements are made from 304L or 316L stainless steel filter media. Ideal for repeated cleaning and long term uses. Suitable for high temperatures uses and highly corrosive applications.
4. Related Test Standards:
Collapse/burst resistance according to ISO 2941
Filter Fabrication integrity according to ISO 2,942
Filter element compatibility validation according to ISO 2,943
Filter filtratoin performance according to ISO 4,572
Filter pressure drop characteristics according to ISO 3,968
Flow-pressure differential test according to ISO 3,968


Polymer Melt Candle Filter Elements with Multi-Pleated Layers and Extended Filtration Area

Stainless Steel Pleated Mesh Elements for Candle Filter System
Pleated filter elements have one apparent advantage over cylindrical filter elements: Over three to four times of the extended filtration areas. This means lower differential pressures, greater dirt-holding capacity and longer on-stream life, and saving of cost in long term uses. Though pleated candle filter elements cost higher than cylindrical filter elements due to the material cost, processing cost, they are still popularly used in polymer melt processing.

Two main filter materials for Pleated Elements:
1. Stainless steel sintered fiber felt
Stainless steel sintered fiber is a filter material made of stainless steel fibers random arranged and sintered in high temperature. The sintered web is supported with two or more layers of woven wire cloth, and pleated and finished with high-precision welding. Polymer pleated filter cartridge made of sintered metal fiber has the advantages of high porosity, good air permeability, high dirt holding capacity, can be used repeatedly, etc.

2. Stainless steel woven wire mesh.
Stainless steel wire mesh is made of stainless steel wire by weaving. The stainless steel woven wire meshes with coarse opening and fine opening are arranged in different layers, then pleated. It has the advantages of smoth pore, easy to wash ,resistant to high temperature & corrosion, firm structure, long working life etc.


Polymer Filter with Woven Mesh and Perforated Support TubePleated candle filters are mainly used in high molecular polymer, water and oil treatment, high temperature medicine filtration etc.

Features: Large filtration area(5-10 times) as normal cartridge shape filter element,large filtering rate range(1-300 µm)

Connectors: Standard connector(such as 222,220,226),fast connector,threaded connector,flange connector,bars,special customized connector.

1.Polyester,filament,short silk,film production polymer melts in the filtering;
2.High temperature gas,steam filtration;
3.High temperature liquid,viscous liquid filtration.

Stainless Steel Cylinder Polymer Filter Elements for Candle Filter System

Two Filter Media for Cylinder Elements:
1. Sintered Mesh Sheet
Multi layer metal woven wire mesh sheet bonding together. With self supporting layer within the sheet, suitable for processing of filter cylinders or tubes. Cylindrical filters perfect for back- flushing and repeated cleaning.
2. Sintered metal powder

Advantages of Cylindrical Polymer Elements over Pleated Ones:
No further outside protective layer or support core tube are needed for the finished products;
Easy cleaning;
Easy and simple processing and saving cost compared with Pleated Elements.

Precision: 1~200um
Material: 316L,304
Diameter: greater than 10mm

(1) Large dust holding capacity, high filtration precision, pressure raises slowly,a long cycle period.
(2) High porosity and excellent permeability, small pressure loss, high flow.
(3) Corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, resistance to corrosion of acid, alkali, organic solvents and drug, at 480 °C environment for long-term use.
(4) Easy processing, forming, and welding.
(5) Be produced according to user requirements are particularly enhanced, thickened type, intensive network type and various other specifications.

Application: Polyester filtration, polymer filtration, water treatment, oil filtration, high temperature gas filtration, medicine filtration.

Sintered Metal Powder Cylindral Elements Specification List:

Filtration accuracy(μm)

 Air-permeability(L/min •dm²)

Bubble pressure point(pa) Porosity

 Dirt holding capacity(mg/cm²)

47  6600  75 0.54 
63  5000  76  0.54 
10  105  3700  77  0.54 
15  140  2450  79  0.54 
20  280  2000  80  13  0.54 
25  360  1500  78  19  0.54 
30  520  1230  79  34  0.54 
40  670  960  79  34  0.54 
60  1300  650  85  36  0.54