Polymer Melt Filter Elements, Candle Filters, Filter Housing and Cartridges and Filter Fittings. Forms Including: Pleated Filter Elements, Pipe Filter Elements, Extruded Screen Packs, Filter Discs, Leafs, Baskets, Bags and etc. For filtering of air, gas, oil, grease, liquid and fuel.......
Cylindrical Filter Elements

Cylindrical Filter Elements

Also known as pipe filter elements.
The filter media can be Stainless Steel Sintered Wire Mesh Laminated Sheet and sintered metal powder.....

Stainless Steel Pleated Filter Elements

Stainless Steel Pleated Filter Elements

Made of Stainless Steel 316L Materials. Also known as Candle Filters.
The filter media are Three Types: Pleated Woven Micron Hole Stainless Steel Wire Cloth...

Perforated Metal Filter Support Tube

Perforated Metal Filter Support Tube

Designed for pleated filter elements. Stainless steel perforated sheet for filter layer support and filter media protection. The perforated metal interior support tube for filters are made of thick ss plates with round holes....

Pleated Filter Elements

Pleated Filter Elements

Pleated filter elements are made of quality stainless steel woven wire cloth with micron opening. The alternative filter media can be sintered fiber web imported from Belgium....

Pipe Type Sintered Wire Mesh Filter Elements

Pipe Type Sintered Wire Mesh Filter Elements

Sintered wire mesh can be processed into pipe type filter elements.
Pipe filter elements, or cylinder filter elements are widely used in chemical fiber...

Today's HENGMAO, Never Stop

Hebei Hengmao Filter Elements Co., Ltd. supplies a variety of industrial filter elements, filter discs, filter cloth packs. Since 2000, we have been one of the few member manufacturers for fitting resources of SINOPEC.

The company is located in Anping, "China Wire Mesh Industry Base," with adequate access of metal sheet and filter media raw materials that are necessary for filters manufacture. We have advanced production and testing equipment, first-class production technology, first-class quality filter materials. The main products are polymer melting filter elements,Stainless Steel Pleated Filter Element, Pipe Filter Elements, Leaf Filters & Pack Screen Filters, Wire Mesh Filter Discs, Wedge Wire Filters, Filter Strainers and Fittings, filter cloth packs and sintered mesh finished products as well as other filters for water, air, gas and oil filtration. The products are widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, chemical fiber, metallurgy, pharmaceutics, electric power, water treatment, foods and beverage, etc.

Hengmao filter products can be divided into three major categories according to forms: Pleated Elements, Cylindrical Elements and Pack Screens (Disc Filters).

2016 New Products:

Stainless steel mesh discs for oil refining uses. With welded rims or thin frames finish. Flat disk filter screen.

Stainless Steel Pack Screen Filters

Filter Media Options :

Filter Media for Pack Screen Filters or Discs:
Woven wire mesh;
Sintered Fiber;
Sintered Metal Powder;
Sintered Wire Mesh Sheet.

Filter Media for Cylindrical Elements:
Sintered Metal Powder;
Sintered Wire Mesh Laminated Sheet;
Wedge Wire;
Perforated Tube.

Filter Media Options for Pleated Elements:
Sintered Fiber Web or Mat;
Woven Wire Mesh Cloth (mainly micron stainless steel woven wire cloth);
Filter Paper.

Different structure and combination of filter media and materials bring a variety of functions.

Quality Control:
We use laser mark at bottom of the cap for the filter elements to trace every of our products;
We test every filter elements and attach the certificate to every lot of our products ship to you;

Hengmao also offer changing screen layer service for your used pleated filter elements to save your cost and to save energy, to protect the environment.

Welcome all old and new customers to contact us with your specific requirements.

We are ready to cooperate with you with our good quality products and our instant convenient service.