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Sintered mesh hydraulic filter element introduction

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Sintered mesh hydraulic filter element introduction:

Sintered mesh hydraulic filter element is the application of sintered mesh. it is made of sintered mesh after cutting, precision welded.

To ensure roundness and flat, Sintered mesh hydraulic filter element is sintered after using rolling seam welding process and the method of correction weld, it can make the overall look more beautiful.

Sintered mesh hydraulic filter element advantages:
1. Strength: As fourth and fifth layers do support, with high mechanical strength and compressive strength.
2. Easy to clean: As a result of surface of the filter material, having means for cleaning characteristics, especially suitable for backwashing.
3. Easy processing: suitable for cutting, bending, stamping, drawing, welding and other processes.
4. High temperature: 480 °Ccan withstand high temperatures.
5. Corrosion resistance: As a result of SUS316L, 304 materials, the corrosion resistance.
6. Filtration: Filtration range of 1μm-200μm, has a reliable filter performance.
7. Stability: Because there are two layers to do to protect the screen, plus solid melting diffusion sintering process which make filters is not easily to deform.