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Filter Media

Sintered Web Filter Medium

Hebei Hengmao Filter Elements Co., Ltd. supplies a variety of filter materials for processing industrial filter elements, discs, filter cloth packs, filter belt, cartridges and other forms of filtration devices.

Metal Filter Media we supply include Woven Wire Mesh (stainless steel mainly), Sintered Metal Powder (stainless steel and other metals), Sintered Fiber Web or Felt, Sintered Wire Mesh Laminated Sheet (single or multi-layer, mainly in SUS304, 304L, 316 and 316L) and V Structure Wedge Wire. Non-metal filter media we supply include Polyester Mesh, fiber glass fleece and filter papers.

Different filter media have various structures and advantages, suitable for different working conditions. Choosing the right filter media is the important step for making filters of specific application.

Comparing Properties and Advantages of Filter Media:

Filter Material Features, Uses and Advantages

(Interpor fleece) Glass Fiber


  1. Suitable for Deep filtration.
  2. Featuring high particle holding capacity.
  3. Working Conditions: Best micron rating at high pressure drop.
  4. Usable for mineral oil, emulsions and for most synthetic hydraulic fluids and lubrication oils.

Cellulose Filter Paper

  1. Deep filtration.
  2. Constructed of paper and polyester fiber.
  3. Featuring high material stability and strength.
  4. Available in 10 micron and 25 micron fineness.

Stainless Steel Woven Wire Cloth

  1. Suitable for surface filtration.
  2. Suitable for high resistance filter elements (irrespective of the hydraulic fluid used).
  3. Cleaning: Partially cleanable.
  4. Available in 25 micron, 40 micron and 80 micron fineness (other micron ratings on request).
  5. Foldable filter media suitable for Wire Mesh Pleated Filter Elements.

Sintered Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

  1. Smooth wire mesh porous structure.
  2. Cleaning: Easy to clean.
  3. High temperature resistance.
  4. Corrosion resistance.
  5. Long service life.
  6. Sheet filter media.

Sintered Metal Fiber Web

  1. High porosity filter media.
  2. Good air permeability.
  3. Large dirt holding capacity.
  4. High reservation.
  5. Pleatable flexible filter media.


  1. High chemical and corrosion resistance;
  2. High tensile strength
  3. Excellent abrasion resistance
  4. Long life span
  5. Excellent thermal insulating properties
  6. Easy to maintain and clean
Sintered Metal Powder Sheet

1. Sheet porous structure.
2. High pressure drop

3. Easy cleaning.