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Micron Hole Sintered Wire Mesh Filter Cartridge - Processed from Laminated Multi-Layer Metal Mesh Sheet

Sintered Wire Mesh Cylinder

Sintered mesh filter elements have an excellent strength. No inner or outer support is required for sintered wire mesh processed filters and screen packs. Forms of sintered mesh filter elements include filter basket, filter cylinder, disc and screen packs. Sintered mesh sheet can be five or six layer woven wire mesh with perfortated metal plate layers.

Multi-Layer Sinterd Mesh Filter Elements

The sintered mesh or laminated sheet can be processed into filter elements of various forms: filter basket, cartridge, cylinders, pack screen, mesh discs or pharmaceutical filter plate / sheet.

Extruder Screen Pack FiltersThe, six-layer sintered mesh is widely used in three-in-one pharmaceutical filter plate for filtering, washing and drying. It is made of the five-layer sintered mesh plus one layer of 12 mesh woven wire meshes. The thickness is 3.5mm.

Sintered Mesh Filters Enjoy Following Features:

1. Stable high filtering precision: large extension of filtering precision(1-100 μm), the hole is not out of shape easily.
2. High strength, good rigidity: the fourth and fifth layers are the supporting layers, the six layer is the reinforcing layer, so it has high pressure resistance, mechanical strength, easy installation and easy to use.
3. High temperature resistance and corrosion resistance: maximum 480°C.
4. convenient to wash and backwash: It can be used with longer service span.


Laminated Sheet Processed Filter Basket

Major Filter Media Type One: Vacuum Sintered Woven Wire Mesh Laminated Sheet

Sintered woven wire mesh consists of multi-layers of woven wire mesh laminated together by use of ' sintering '. This creates an enormous class of new materials with a very wide variety of mechanical properties. By combining multiple layers of different mesh weavings, it is possible to design materials with specific target thickness, permeability, pore size, and mechanical strength. Some layers are used for high precision filtration, others for protecting and reinforcing.

Sintered wire mesh layers as filter media are simple for processing, easy cleaning and long lifespans. Common applied materials are stainless steel types 304L and 316L. Exotic metals or alloys are possible. Filtration ranges from approx. 1 to 60 microns. The maximum size of a sintered woven wire mesh laminated sheet amount to approx. 1000 x 1000 mm.

Laminated Sheet
Technical Processing of Sintered Woven Wire Mesh:
Sintered wire mesh is produced by a series of technical processes. Precision woven wire mesh is uniformly calendered (roller flattened) to ensure good contact at the wire cross over points. One or more layers of this calendered mesh are then laminated under mechanical pressure in special fixtures inside a high temperature furnace. This furnace is filled with a proprietary inert gas atmosphere and the temperature is raised to a point where sintering (diffusion bonding) occurs. After controlled cooling, the mesh has now become rigid by the bonding of the individual wires to each other and of each layer to the adjacent layer. Its comprehensive property is superior to sintered metal powder.

Material: Woven wire mesh, perforated metal from material of stainless steel, brass, aluminum,etc.

Types: single-layer and multi-layer.

Filter rating: Minimum filter rating: 3 micron

Any outline size and filtration rating available as the requirements of the customer.

Applications: Sintered metal mesh filter cartridge is mainly used for the filtration of air, the medium cleaning and flow control of lubrication oil, hydraulic pressure and air pressure system.

Sintered Woven Wire Mesh Common Specification:

1.Micron: 3-300um
2. Max Size:1200*1000*1.7(+-0.2)mm
3. Standard Size:600*1200*1.7(+-0.2)mm,500*1000*1.7(+-0.2)mm
4. Common Materials:AISI(SUS)304,316,316L
5. Layers: 3,4,5,6,7,8 and etc

Standard Sintered Mesh Composition:

1-layer: Protection Layer
2-layer: Control Layer
3-layer: Dispersion Layer
4-layer: Support Layer
5-layer: Support Layer

Model Nominal Filter Rating ( u) Structure Thickness
AirPermeability(L/min/cm2) Bubble Pressure (mm H2O) Weight (kg/sqm) Porosity
SM5-1 1 100+400×2800+100+12×64+64×12 1.7 1.81 360-600 5-layer sintered wire mesh(8.4)  6-layer sintered wire mesh
SM5-2 2 100+325×2300+100+12×64+64×12 1.7 2.35 300-590
SM5-5 5 100+200×1400+100+12×64+64×12 1.7 2.42 260-550
SM5-10 10 100+165×1400+100+12×64+64×12 1.7 3.00 220-500
SM5-15 15 100+165×1200+100+12×64+64×12 1.7 3.41 200-480
SM5-20 20 100+165×800+100+12×64+64×12 1.7 4.50 170-450
SM5-25 25 100+165×600+100+12×64+64×12 1.7 6.12 150-410
SM5-30 30 100+450+100+12×64+64×12 1.7 6.7 120-390
SM5-40 40 100+325+100+12×64+64×12 1.7 6.86 100-350
SM5-50 50 100+250+100+12×64+64×12 1.7 8.41 90-300
SM5-75 75 100+200+100+12×64+64×12 1.7 8.7 80-250
SM5-100 100 100+150+100+12×64+64×12   1.7 9.1 70-190

Major Filter Media Type Two: Perforated Plate and Woven Wire Mesh Composite Sheet Sintered Mesh

Perforated Composite Sintered Mesh is sintering standard SUS304 perforated plate and several layers of square woven wire mesh (or Dutch Woven Wire Mesh) as a whole. Depending on different use conditions and purpose, a variety of combined styles of different layers and meshes are provided for options.

Strong and rigid perforated metal works as support layer while the woven wire mesh layers work as the filter layer. The perforated metal (stainless steel) support layer and woven wire mesh composite sintered sheets have excellent reverse cleaning effect and less pressure drop loss. Now it is widely used in the industries, such as: water treatment, beverage, food, metallurgy, chemical and pharmacy. With support layer already in the sintered sheet, it can be processed directly into filter elements for various uses.


1, Perforated plate is using material SUS 304, other wire meshes are SUS316 or SUS 316L (AISI316L). Special Alloys 
  like Hastelloy, Monel , Inconel are acceptable base on customer's requirement
2, it can be made specific shaped products according to different requirements

Model Filter Rating(u) Structure Thickness(mm) Weight(kg/m2) Porosity(%)
SPW  4-2.0T 2-200 30+Filter layer+30+Φ4x5Px1.0T 2.0 6.7 57
SPW  4-2.5T 2-200 30+Filter layer+30+Φ5x7Px1.5T 2.5 9.8 50
SPW  5-3.0T 2-200 60+Filter layer+60++20+Φ6x8Px2.0T 3.0 11.8 50
SPW  5-3.5T 2-200 20+Filter layer+20+10+Φ8x10Px2.0T 3.5 12.6 54
SPW  5-4.0T 2-200 20+Filter layer+20+10+Φ8x10Px2.5T 4.0 14.2 55
SPW  5-4.3T 5-200 20+Filter layer+20+10+Φ10x13Px3.0T 4.3 16.9 50
SPW  5-5.3T 5-200 20+Filter layer+20+10+Φ10x13Px4.0T 5.3 20.6 51


1. The filtration layer is decided by the customer as long as the filter precision is within our specified ranges.
2. We can also make the mesh with other special structures as requested by the customer.
3. The porosity takes that of 20 mesh as criteria.

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