Polymer Melt Filter Elements, Candle Filters, Filter Housing and Cartridges and Filter Fittings. Forms Including: Pleated Filter Elements, Pipe Filter Elements, Extruded Screen Packs, Filter Discs, Leafs, Baskets, Bags and etc. For filtering of air, gas, oil, grease, liquid and fuel.......

Cylindrical Filter Elements

Filter cylinders mainly serve in catalyst recovery, filtration of polyester, oil products, chemicals and pharmaceutics processing.
Filter media for filter cylinders: Sintered Metal Powder and Multi-layer Sintered Mesh. Mostly processed from sheet mesh metal rigid panels into pipe forms. Simple structure without supporting layer.

Cylindrical Filter Elements

Sintered Porous Filter Cartridge


Metal Sintered Powder Filter Cylinder

Metal Powder Filter Cylinder cartridges are design for a variety of applications
including: corrosive liquid and gases,cryogenic fluid, high viscosity solutions, steaming, high temperature liquids and gases and catalyst recovery.

Stainless Steel Metal Powder Filter PipesFeatures and Benefits:
High corrosion resistance;
Sintered metal construction;
Backwashable for re-use and maximum economy;
Multiple end configurations and gasket/o-rings to fit most all vessels.

Media: stainless steel
End caps: stainless steel
Gaskets/o-rings options: EPDM,Buna-N,Teflon,encapsulated Viton(O-Rings only)
Micron ratings: 0.5,2,5,10,15,35um

End configuration:
Double open End
226/Flat Single Open End
222/Flat Single Open End
3/4 inch Male NPT
1 inch Male NPT

Working Condition :
Max. operating temp:700 F(371 C)
Max. differential pressure
250 psid(17.4 bar) forward
50 psid(3.5 bar) reverse

Sintered Mesh Sheet Fabricated Cylindrical Filter Elements

Filter Pipes

This is type of Cylindrical Filter Elements have long service life. Sintered mesh filter pipes can withstand harsh work conditions and high temperature..

Five-Layer Sintered Wire Cloth consists of five layers of stainless steel wire mesh, which are sintered together
in vacuum.

Cylindrical Filter Elements made of Five-Layer Sintered Wire Cloth as filter medium, which have many advantages:
1) boast of fine micron filtering,
2) good permeability,
3) high strength,
4) easy to clean,
5) good corrosion resistance,
6) durable at work
7) no immigration of materials.

Sizes: Any outline size is available at customer's requirement.


Filtering level Filtering Precision
( μm)
Maximum Aperture
( μm)
Permeability m3/h.m2.kpa Thickness mm Compressive strength Mpa/cm2
S9 0.2 2.5 1.5 3 3.0
S8 0.5 4 3 3 3.0
S7 1.0 6 5 3 3.0
S6 2.5 10 15 3 3.0
S5 5 15 40 3 3.0
8 20 80 3 3.0
S4 10 30 120 3 3.0
S3 20 60 250 3 3.0
S2 30 100 500 3 3.0
S1 50 160 800 3 3.0
Available Temperature: ≤600°C; Material: SUS304, 304L, 316, 316L, 317L, 410L, 430L, 434L.