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Pressure Leaf Filter

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Filter Materials: made from high quality glass fiber

Fitration Aaccuracy: from 1, 3, 6, 12, 25…… μm Filtration ratio: X≥100

Strength: 1.0Mpa, 2.0Mpa, 16.0Mpa, 21.0Mpa

Products Advantage:
1) Membrane for folding deep filtration, membrane filtration area is large
2) Low pressure differential, pollutant carrying capacity is strong,
3) Long service life
4) Has a wide filtration precision can choose

Application: used for hydraulic and lubrication system oil filter, to filter out pollutants in the system, guarantee the normal operation of the system.

General Introduction to Our Featured Products: Pressure Leaf Filter.

Made of fine woven wire mesh as filtration media, this kind of filter element is usually used where the fluid enters and/or leaves a container or component. Aperture of the wire meshes varies with the particular filter element while the wire mesh filter element removes normally only the larger particles of contamination from the fluid.